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Your Feet. Your Sport. Your Sole-Mate:
100% contact. Everything fits − naturally. You can feel this insole is right for your sport! Take your personal performance to the next level, with Natural Performance Insoles by currex. 

The Athlete’s Choice:
Our product is the perfect symbiosis of science and passion. currexSoles are developed by a team of renowned sports scientists and engineered on latest research. Naturally, we wear and test currexSole products ourselves, too! currexSoles are based on 360° pro expertise in movement analysis using real-life, real-time data.

Your Individualizers:
Feet are individualists − but even the best sports shoes don’t treat them that way. currexSoles are up to the challenge: High-end solutions for demanding athletes. Designed with cutting-edge technology, sensitively tuned to you and your sport. Your foot and shoe become one – you’ll feel the difference! currexSoles are your Individualizers, closing the gap between your foot profile and a flat shoe footbed.

Your Empowerers:
Feet are sensory gold medalists. No other part of the body transmits more stimuli to muscles and nerves, or has such an impact on your posture and movement. Harness your natural forces with currexSoles for better results. Get ready to awaken the athlete within! currexSoles are your Empowerers and reprogram your movement patterns for maximum performance.

Your Supporters:
Your sport challenges you to the limit. But sometimes, pain prevents you from going there. currexSoles reduce stress on joints and ligaments, preventing foot and musculoskeletal problems before they occur. Set a new personal best with currexSoles! currexSoles are your Supporters and help prevent pain and stress damage to knees, feet and hips.