Review by: VeloNews

Sidi has once again created a supremely comfortable shoe without any hot spots or pinching to be found. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better fit. Better yet, there was just about no break-in time; 10 minutes into my first ride, the Shots felt like I’d been riding them the entire year.

But as we’ve seen before with Sidi’s high-end road shoes, the company includes lots of bells and whistles to get there — more than we wanted or needed. The Shots are fairly heavy at 608 grams, and the dial adjustment system needs some refinement. If you’re after best-in-class comfort, the Shots are worth a look. If simplicity and light weight are on the agenda, the Shots may come up short.

The Microfibra Techpro synthetic uppers create a wraparound fit that’s ideal for narrow to moderate-width feet. If your foot is wide, you might find yourself wishing for a broader sole, especially at the forefoot. The material seems quite resilient and there was little expansion after miles of use. The fit remained consistent from first ride to last.

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