CurrexSole Review The insoles that allow you to run free

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach
I heard about currexSole from a running friend on twitter, I saw that they promote a insole for a “natural runner”. Interested in knowing more about how this insole allows you to “run naturally” I reached out to them to see if they would send me a few pairs to test and review. Now I must admit that since I would be classified as a “natural runner” which generally means you are a mid to forefoot striker, I was looking for a reason to give these insoles a bad review – well I can’t! After using them for about 6 weeks and putting about 150 miles  in them I have to say they are awesome! I was shocked in how they do allow me to keep and hold my form while also allowing me to feel the ground when I’m running, I have used them in various training such as tempo, intervals, and long runs. Each time they held up quite well and never lost their firmness!
Who is currexSole?
currexSole is an international company primarily focused on making various insoles every kind of sports activity. I found that the company does line up to their core values of  being “ambitious, independent and effective team of sports scientists and athletes who create products that result from the very latest research findings and meet the highest requirements.”
The Science! What’s the big deal?
Studies have shown that, “Comfort plays an important role in the selection process of the best fitting running shoe (Piller, 2002). To improve wearing comfort of running shoes, the approaches of footwear accessory industry range from individually customized via “semi” customized to “one size fits all” prefabricated insoles.” Throughout this study currexSole ranked the highest in overall comfort, heel cushion, and heel fit.
What is currexSole?
currexSole as they would refer to it as being, “currexSoles are small technological powerhouses beneath your feet.” The soles are made up of a four step process, top layer is primarily where the deep heel cup is focused. The second layer is made up of breathable material that wicks away the sweat and allows airflow to get under the foot helping is keep dry. The third layer is made of a soft bendable plastic what currexSole calls “3D DAT” it’s meant to provide to provide energy return with a “spring like” action, The last layer gives you some extra cushion under the balls and heels of your feet. This is mean for those long runs in which these areas are under the most stress.

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