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Skin Strong is a family owned company originating in the USA with corporate offices in Central FL, Australia, the UK, and Mexico.

Skin strong was created along side of an internal medical doctor who also believed that the formulas could also be good for his patients that have diabetes and have to wear the compression socks. The Skin Strong product would help to make them more comfortable and the SLIK product would be good to help get their socks on. Our products were also found to help his patients using crutches (chafing under the arms), etc.

Our range of anti-chafe products was created by a group of athletes and a physician who were frustrated by the lack of high performance skin care products.

Skin Strong has been tested over thousands of kilometers, across many events – including Ironman, triathlons, wake-boarding, horse racing, little league & professional baseball & football, distance cycling, marathons and swims.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an enthusiastic amateur, we know that you train hard and want products that deliver results!  Slather, Slik and Dust provide a complete chafing solution!